One Way Word Messaging Devices

GenA Pager

Key benefits
• Large, high-contrast ePaper display
• Modern user interface
• Advanced encryption and security features
• Superior message reception in difficult buildings using our
high-powered 900MHz simulcast network
• Antimicrobial case
• Estimated month-long battery capacity
• Over-the-air remote programming

Sun Telecom T5 Pager

Key benefits
• Four lines of LCD display (with zoom to 2 lines)
• 20 personal message slots
• Encrypted message support
• Display lock
• Remote data wipe

Two Way Pagers

Sun Telecom T5 Pager

Key benefits
• Reliability: powered by a single AA battery
• Security: optional message encryption
helps meet HIPAA compliance guidelines
• Ease of backing up contacts via PC connection
• Ability to communicate longer
messages with up to six lines of text
• Ability to review message delivery receipts online to close the communication loop

Unication M90

Key benefits
•Backlit Display
• Full QWERTY keyboard
• Rechargeable battery 10-12 days on a full charge
• Address books up to 250 contacts
• 3.5 ounces

Motorola T900

Key benefits
• EL Backlit Display
• Lighted QWERTY keyboard
• One AA battery
• Up to four lines of text of 20 characters per line
• 3.9 ounces

Waiting Area Pagers

Ready Call Alert Disc

Ideal for 
• Hospitals (admitting, emergency room, pharmacy, surgery, other waiting areas)
• Clincs and outpatient facilities
• Government facilities
• Hotels and restaurants

Ready Call Text Pager

Key benefits
• Support HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance with discreet communication
• Reduce congestion in waiting areas
• Clear walkways of waiting room overflow
• Spend more time attending to patient needs
• Eliminate need for on-site transmitter and associated FCC licensing responsiblities

Numeric Pagers

Sun Telecom ST800 Plus

Key benefits
• Time and date stamping 
• 30-message memory
• Locks up to 14 messages
• Eight user-selectable alerts

Daviscomms BR502

Key benefits
• Scratch-resistant lens
• Time & date display
• One line of 12 characters plus one line of icons
• Eight user-selectable alerts